Sterling Silver Platform Saddle Spreader with Hook

These are the Original Platform Saddle Spreader Hooks from Diablo Organics. Handmade in their own Workshop on Bali. Made from high quality Sterling Silver. Choose a smaller size than you choose for your Plugs. This gives you a nice Dropshaped Earlobe. You can add all kind of jewelry to the hooks.


Available in 6 sizes:

  • Size: 12.5mm(1/2")  Weight: 14g/pair
  • Size: 16mm(5/8")  Weight: 15g/pair
  • Size: 19mm(3/4")  Weight: 15g/pair
  • Size: 25.5mm(1")  Weight: 18g/pair
  • Size: 32mm(1-1/4")  Weight: 22g/pair
  • Size: 38mm(1-1/2")  Weight: 31g/pair
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