This is the Home of European Distributors for High Quality Body Jewelry

We are happy to provide this brand new Germany based shop for whole Europe. We have a huge stock based in Germany and import in a regular interval for you to keep the delivery-times as short as possible. Nearly everything from the manufacturers is available in the shop. Items which are not in stock or not displayed in the shop can be ordered via mail or our orderform. Also if you search for specials, we can get you everything, which is available to buy at the manufacturers.

We ship all over Europe – All pieces which are in stock can be shipped directly. For Items you ordered and are on backorder we offer a discounted double-shipping option.

Welcome to the new Home of Maya Jewelry (European Distributor), Diablo Organics Germany, Gorilla Glass Germany, Buddha Jewelry Organics (European Distributor), Quetzalli Jewelry Germany and Askew.

Huge stock based in Germany
6 brands in one shop
Shipping worldwide (focus on Europe)
No import-Fees for you
No extra-shipping from the US or Mexico
You don‘t have to deal with customs

The Brands


Maya Jewelry
(Official European Distribution)

Maya is not your average posh jewelry brand. We are proud to stand at the leading edge of a total lifestyle that honors radical self-expression, devotion to community, and the full diversity of human potential.



Diablo Organics Germany

Diablo Organics is an award-winning body arts jewelry company located in Austin, Texas. We design and create the highest quality jewelry from organic materials including amber, brass, hardwoods, stone, ammonites, megalodon teeth, fossils, mother of pearl and others.



Buddha Jewelry Organics
(Official European Distribution)

The founder, Rion, started piercing in 1991, and then began hand carving wood plugs for the original Organic Jewelry company in 1998. During a trip to Bali in 2002, he started collaborating with local artisans — and Buddha Jewelry Organics was born.



Gorilla Glass Germany

Gorilla Glass is the premier brand in glass piercing jewelry. For over a decade we have been designing and handcrafting unique pieces to match your individuality and style.



Quetzalli Jewelry Germany

In Nahuatl Quetzalli means beautiful .. Quetzalli Jewelry is what we strive for. It is important that you know that everything from Quetzalli Jewelry is made as a unique piece. Where we mix tradition with dreams. We do not mass produce and we do not plan to do it.




A Jimmy Buddha Designs Jewelry Line focusing on Sterling Silver ends with high quality finishes.